The Benefits of offline backups

In this digital age we live in, more information is stored online than ever before and it is becoming increasingly important to secure this information and ensure constant backups of data.

Many feel that with modern technology, it isn’t necessary to keep data backups or even off-site backups for that matter. This is when companies, large and small alike, are at the greatest risk of losing vital information.

Technology, even brand new, can fail and if you don’t have the correct IT security policies in place, the risk of a cyber attack is extremely high. Hard drives don’t last forever, and the possibility of a security breach is ever increasing.

Ask yourself what would happen in the event of a natural disaster, vandalism, cyber attack or even a virus and you do not have your data backed up to an off-site facility? Scary thought isn’t it. Not only is it a huge security risk not to have your data backed up to an off-site facility, but the financial loss could potentially cripple your company as well.

With proper IT security policies in place and a secure off-site data backup facility you don’t have to worry about loss of data or a security breach, and you can continue to focus on what is most important to you and your company.

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