The advantages of cloud storage

The advantages of cloud storage


Let’s start with a brief description of cloud storage and where it all began. Basically cloud storage is a model of data storage, where the data is stored in logical pools, this could be in different locations and over multiple server’s, it comes down to your digital content being stored on another server. The server could be yours or it could be that of your ISP or hosting company.

According to Wikipedia cloud computing is believed to have been invented in the 1960s. It has since changed significantly since then, but the main concept remains the same. Now, lets get started with the advantages of cloud storage over storing your digital content locally. The advantages differ from personal use to business use.

For personal use it makes sense to many people to make use of “the cloud” as it allows you to access your content digitally from anywhere where you have access to a smart device or computer with internet access. You can have 100s of gigs worth of images, music or any digital content available to you without having to carry a device with you that is capable of storing all the items. Simply open a window, and access the could content, it’s all there, without having to take up any space on your local device. Then there is the question of safety, most people that are serious about their content have more than one fail-safe in place. For one, storing your content on the cloud ensures that if your computer crashes or gets stolen that you can still access all your important content from anywhere else. Cost is also a major concern, in this day and age you can get cloud storage for cheaper than you can actually buy the hardware for to store the content, not in all cases, but in most cases.

For business uses, the advantages are more serious. For businesses with multiple office locations, cloud storage can be mapped as a local drive with the WebDAV protocol and can function as a central file server. Once again it makes sense to use cloud storage as backups, you can have local backups in your office but it is always a great idea to have off site backups by utilizing cloud storage, you will have access to these backups anytime you need them and they will ensure that even during natural disasters, your content is safe and secure. Then there is the actual cost of energy and equipment to run your own backup system, where if you use cloud storage, you only simply pay for the space you use, very simple, no need for an IT guy to install a backup server, no need to worry about hardware failing, you just upload your backups and that is that. Check out our Cloud Storage option, we offer a 15 day free trial, click here

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