Cloud Backup Offsite Storage

Personal and Business Data Backups

Unlimited Cloud Storage

10GB Free

No payment details required.
Cloud storage

Personal and Business backups

Ensuring your data is safe and recoverable when you need it. Your personal data backed up and safe for R0.075 /GB/Month. First 10GB stored for free. Bandwidth charged at R0.075 /GB/Month. Incremental backups for business with the option of data seeding to our data center in South Africa. Signup NOW

Cloud storage

Corporate Backups

Office, NAS and Server cloud backups available through multiple backup channels: SSH SFTP RSYNC R1Soft etc. From R0.075/GB/Month for storage and R0.075/GB/Month bandwidth Stored on our server as AES-256 military-grade secured files. Contact us today to start securing your content.

IT support

IT Support

We offer IT support, sales and consulting to both individuals and businesses.  From troubleshooting basic devise issues, firewall configuration, QOS, VOIP, E-Commerce, point of sale, networking and backups: both on and offsite.  Read More

Mail Data

Your backup mailed to you on an external Hard drive or Flash USB should you need to have your backups quickly. Perfect for large data sets that would otherwise take too long to recover.

Return the physical media for a full refund.

Data Seeding

Backup too large to process over your network or internet connection?
Send us an external HDD or flash drive and we will load the backup onto our servers for you. Making the next incremental backup much quicker and saving you the bandwidth costs.

We will courier the physical media back to you, free of charge.

Data Encryption

For sensitive information: Backed up files are encrypted on the clients machine, sent to our servers through a SSL secure connection and stored on our server as AES-256 military-grade secured files. Our backups support both encrypted and unencrypted data.