We are passionate about Support! Nothing makes us happier than assisting someone and making them happy.

The right tools

We utilize the right tools to ensure that we are providing the most up to date support.


We strive to offer outstanding support. Our customers mean the world to us, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure they are happy.

Skilled staff

Our team consists of highly skilled staff, with many years of experience, ensuring a high standard of service delivery.

A little bit about us

Since our beginnings in 2004, we have grown into a major provider of IT support and other IT services. We treat each and every one of our clients with the utmost level of professionalism and diligence, and believe in providing outstanding customer service as well as solid and diverse technical ability. The diverse range of expertise within our organization means that we are well-positioned to support and implement a wide range of different solutions for different situations. This flexibility has delivered great benefits for many of our customers. We will not try to steer you away from certain solutions due to a lack of knowledge, because there simply isn’t a knowledge deficit in our business. 

Why Datasure?

We have years’ experience providing businesses with specialized IT support. Our affordable, flexible IT support service can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business . Our dedicated team of IT specialists has the know-how and experience to make sure your network infrastructure and end users get the support they deserve. We complement your existing services by providing onsite and remote support for a wide-range of IT demands related to disaster recovery, firewalls, mobile devices, network failures, anti-virus and anti-spyware, workstation errors – you name it.

Are you ready?

At Datasure IT servicing and support lies at the very heart of our organization, we offer a wide range of IT support services to meet the needs of modern day businesses from emergency support to planned upgrades and updates.